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Ready to save the planet?

The GreenMist has been living by eating all the materia of the universe, and spitting a bunch of garbage back. One beautiful day a chemist from Planet 5OOB1 summoned it by mixing the two prohibited colours.

A simple living being called Bidi, part of an old experiment is now in charge to save his planet from being the next GreenMist's dinner.

The Game:

Use Bidi to save all the planet and smily materia spitted by The GreenMist and avoid the angry and evil items.

But you are not alone, select among several weapons that will be helping you in your quest.


- Play all the time you can!, there's no time limit during your play, save the planet during all the time you keep on playing.
- Choose your weapons!, make a strategy before you start your quest by selecting your items at the beginning.
- Go for the record!, beat your own records and publish them on Google+.
Have a lot of fun by saving Bidi's planet!

Desktop Bundle Edition contains our previous version of The GreenMist for your enjoyment!


Developers: Alex Franco @francobit & Michelle Valenzuela @mich_solang
Music: Alex Franco
Art & Graphics: Michelle Valenzuela
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Android Edition 22 MB
Desktop Bundle Edition 41 MB